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The Afghanistan Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) is an independent, not-for-profit, campaign, research, advocacy and humanitarian organisation based in the UK and in Afghanistan promotes and develops better understanding of human rights values and principles within communities.
The AHRO aims and objectives are to protect, promote and enforce human rights culture, democracy and freedoms through the use of international and comparative law to safeguards quality of life for all communities based on individual's value, respect and dignity.
We achieve these aims and objectives through a range of activities designed to strengthen human rights standards and obtain rights for Afghanistan’s people whose rights have been violated during the three decades of international, regional and civil wars by armed groups, the governments and international forces.

We campaign, lobby, and advocate a range of activities  planned to promote and develop admiration and responsibility for better understanding of human rights morals often through developing standards and best practice based on equality, dignity and respect upon international and comparative human rights laws as well as the Islamic human rights law within our communities.

The AHRO's main goals are: to protect and promote human rights principles through establishment of effective working relationship, partnership, co-operation and coordination with all human right Institutions around the globe as well as in the UK & in Afghanistan to campaign for justice for all people regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.

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